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Apparel Magazine Survey

The following comments were taken from a report produced by Apparel magazine. It features software vendors serving the apparel marketplace, and is based on ratings from customers. All responses were anonymous but here is what FastReact customers had to say:

FastReact is the best planning and monitoring tool I have ever come across in my life experience over 15 years of working in the field of apparel. Features they have added recently, such as dashboard, high-level planning board, bottleneck management, bill of materials linkage, remote operation access, cascade planning and sophisticated T&A management, are extremely useful to any planner in any industry. I have no hesitation in recommending FastReact as a tool which is very versatile, user friendly and easy to integrate with any IT platform. Working as the head of planning for a US$135 million business, I feel very relaxed with this software. It does most of my work in no time. We have 110 production lines with a 5,000 direct machine operator force in eight locations in Sri Lanka, and we are the biggest single casual bottoms exporter in Sri Lanka. I hope above description is adequate to understand the capability of FastReact in terms of its potential in operating size. I have seen a couple of other planning software solutions which are India based, but I am not reluctant to say that those are 10 years behind FastReact in innovation.

We initially purchased FastReact as a planning tool which integrates with the JD Edwards system for MRP. We in turn fully use the Critical Path tool which had huge benefits in terms of prioritizing the day-to-day business requirements.

I have been working with the FastReact system for almost a decade now. This vendor comes up with practical solutions to almost all the planning complications I have experienced in two separate companies.

The FastReact planning module - 1) is a user friendly tool in our planning operation, 2) improves efficiency, 3) is above average on cost, 4) is rigid and not customized, 5) friendly service to our problem solving.

We are a mid-sized apparel manufacturer based in India. We were the first company in India to implement FastReact. FastReact has helped us to plan more efficiently and also helped improve on-time deliveries. The support from the company has been excellent.

FastReact has provided us with an excellent package that does what it says on the pack and more. With excellent training and support, the installation was made simple, and follow-up training and support is among the best I have experienced.

Система Fast React
- это профессиональное программное обеспечение для планирования собственного производства и управления размещением заказов на других предприятиях, разработанное специально для легкой промышленности

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